1495 2995
  • Frankincense Aroma Mist. Spray the air close to your face and breathe and smell the aroma.
  • Hair Mist to Hydrate Your Hair. Frankincense mist for your body. Soothing for all body joints Frankincense Aroma Mist.
  • Air Diffuser Clears stale air by adding oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • 100 % Pure Distilled & Infused Frankincense in a Water Mist with a Spray Mist Top.

Focus and Concentration are core characteristics of Frankincense' aroma, "clears brain fog", which settles around fore head. The scent of Frankincense relaxes the brain for deeper breath. Deep breathing while smelling the aroma delivers oxygen to the brain, the mist; relaxes nervousness, mental fatigue, physical stress, and anxiety. It helps quiet the mind.
Frankincense Aroma Mist Diffuser: Diffused in Distilled Water Via a 4 Oz
1495 2995

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