Jewelweed Herbal Salve Tin 4 oz - poison ivy summer skin comfort itchy sting

  • $14.95

  • Jewelweed Salve stands its own ground; for rashes on the skin caused by, swimmers itch, insect bites, scratches, burns, and wounds.
  • The variety of fresh herbs we use in this salve, has suppressed the itch and inflammation of topical allergic skin reactions. The recovery time, according to customers testimonies is fast.
  • This salve is a powerful disinfectant for open wounds, cuts, and burns for people and animals. It is safe for dogs and cats to lick. The ingredients are basic, olive oil, fresh herbs, beeswax, and a minute amount of tea tree oil.
  • On the milder side, Jewelweed works well on eczema, psoriasis, and other aggravating skin conditions that itch, hurt, or burn.
  • Jewelweed is a drawing salve for slivers, and cleansing cuts and deep wounds.

Jewelweed is effective rubefacient. When the body fluid you are cleansing turns clear; it is time to seal the skin. Switch to our Super Salve to form a seal. Super Salve will knit the skin together, forming a scab. Use the Jewelweed any time there is a skin affliction in these areas I described. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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