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Hydration Facial System Restores A Youthful Complexion

Hydration allows the immune system to work, preventing disease, wrinkles, blemishes, scar tissue, scaly and cracked skin. Nurturing the skin with a plant based skin care routine will sustain a youthful complexion. The botanical extracts in Anna’s Secret Skin Cleansing Lotion, The Toner, Rose Geranium Hydrosol, and Anna’s Secret Repairing Serum, is a holistic synergistic system for the skin to assimilate bioflavonoids, polyphenols, amino acids, plant enzymes, protein, vitamin A, and E. 100% botanical extracts sustain hydration and maintain the complexions vitality to replenish youthful, smooth, soft, supple skin. The antioxidants in plant extracts, including essential oils, can work more efficiently to defend the complexion when the skin hydration level is maintained. 

Anna’s Secret Cleansing Lotion

A gentle hydrating cleanser. Softens and moisturizes your complexion. Evening Primrose breaks down scar tissue and supports the  development of new skin. Virgin Coconut Oil develops new collagen. Brittle, flaky dry skin is restored.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol

For Hydration and development of new skin tissue. For scars, sunburn, and dry scaly skin it is soothing on irritated skin conditions. Calms, Rashes, hives, and inflammatory skin conditions. For dehydrated, dry and normal skin types, mist Rose Geranium Hydrosol and let the toner absorb into your complexion. Use throughout the day to refresh make-up and for hydration. 

Anna’s Secret Repairing Serum

Anna’s Secret Skin Repairing Serum A super rich blend of poly phenol bio-active chemicals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin E, Zinc, flavonoids, and antioxidants in the essential oil blends are super oxide free radical scavengers, beneficial for skin repairing, anti-aging properties.  Essential oils are an efficient delivery system for all the carrier oils, nurturing the skin cells, while eliminating free radicals, which cause skin inflammations and skin diseases. 

 Anti-aging, Anna’s Secret Skin Repair Serum for Healthy Beauty.

SkinCare Guardian Hydration Facial System
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