• Ravensara Essential Oil - Aceite esencial Ravensara  
  • Ravensara Essential Oil has a medicinal scent, a camphorous aroma with woody notes
  • Blends With: Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary. Product Abstract: Indiginous to Madagascar, the Ravensara tree is a member of the Lauraceae(laurel) family. It is 20 meters tall with several buttress roots at the base, with a reddish bark that is very aromatic, and small green elliptical leaves. Its name in Malagasy means 'aromatic leaf'. It should be noted that Ravintsera (cinnamonum camphora) is not from the same species as Ravensara, and is not the same Essential Oil.
  • Botanical Name: Ravensara aromatic
  • Main Constituents: Sabinene: 15.94% Plant Part: Leaves Origin: Madagascar Processing Method: Steam Distilled
  • Description / Color / Consistency: A thin, clear, pale yellow liquid.
  • Aceite esencial de Ravensara Componentes principales: Sabinene: 15,94% Parte de la planta: Hojas Origen: Madagascar Mtodo de Procesado: Vapor destilado Descripcin / Color / Consistencia: Lquido fino, claro, de color amarillo plido. Aromtico Resumen / Nota / Fuerza de Aroma: Una nota superior con un aroma medio, Ravensara Aceite Esencial tiene un olor medicinal, un aroma de alcanfor con notas de madera. Mezclas con: Clavo Bud, Eucalipto, Lavanda y Rosemary.
    Ravensara Essential Oil 30ml (1oz) - Ravensara Oil 100% Pure from Creatio Pharm

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