Aromatherapy Lotion - MoonTide Lotion 8 oz - from SkinCare Guardian

  • $24.95

Moon Tide Lotion nurtures as the moons tide cycles dominate, harmonize and balance all living things. Enjoy the true affinity of this aroma blend. Pamper yourself, with Moon Tide Lotion, nurture vitality! Whatever your phase may be, or how rough the moon cycle may flow.

  • Moon Tide Lotion has many levels it benefits. Inflammation, dry skin and rashes to name a few on the surface.
  • ♦Plant based oils, Ylang Ylang,Clary Sage,Grapefruit,Frankincense. Geranium, & Peppermint.
  • ♦Refreshing and beautiful, balancing and uplifting, nurtures and protects, all skin types.
  • ♦100% assimilation of pure, luxurious, whole plant botanical extracts...
  • ♦ Moon Tide's nurturing vitality nurtures the endocrine system.