Aromatherapy Is In The Air!

Posted by Anne Sangemino on

Spring is in the air,
Little shoots and fresh green plants start to grow.
As the buds unfold into flowers,
Their aroma begins to flow.
Their essence, elevates your senses,
Aromatherapy is in the air!
At home experience their essence. 
Elevate your senses,
Revitalize your skin care.
Aromatherapy is in the air!
Dry cracked skin, does not have to spoil,
Soak in the tub with your favorite essential oil.
Bella Fiori' pure essence,
 A 'beautiful flower',
Elevates your senses.
Revitalize your mood with Moontide synergy,
Restore your vitality with a balanced harmony.
 Rose Geranium, instills a joyful personality.
Aromatherapy is in the air!
Use pure and natural skin care.
For you complexion, it will clear.
Invigorating and refreshing as spring is in the air! 

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