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 Calendula For Tender Loving Care


Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis)  Infused in oil is one of the most effective topical oils. Contains salicylic acid, carotenoids, bioflavonoids and phytosterols. It is a superior baby oil to prevent and relieve rashes and diaper irritations. It's gentle nurturing   properties are exceptional for those with sensitive skin. Calendula also reduces swelling and dark coloration of bruises, it is an antiseptic, mends wounds and burns, is helpful for a  acne, impetigo, eczema and sunburns. An, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, soothes bed sores, broken or varicose veins, broken capillaries, and inflamed gums. 

Calendula oil proliferates and regenerates new skin. It is a popular body oil, and praised for its quick recovery time on dry, sun damaged, chapped and cracked skin. 

Calendula Salve made from the oil will also benefit slow healing wounds and skin ulcers. It is ideal for first aid treatment of minor burns and scalds. Protects open wounds from bacterial overgrowth and infection. The astringency helps to draw the wound together rapidly, preventing excessive scar tissue. Specific for swelling, redness, inflammation, and pus. Works well on sunburned skin, draws the fire out and protects skin cells.

For Pets: A paw wax can be made using Calendula oil in a blend and adding wax to make you own salve. Paw wax works as a buffer to protect their paws from wear and tear, ice and salt, hot dry sand and pavement, and long outings.





 4 oz. Of Dried Calendula Petals 
 Olive Oil: 1 Inch Above Calendula
Fill a Jar with 4 oz. Calendula Petals and Cover With Olive Oil.
Place The Calendula Oil In a Pot To Heat On Stove.
Heat to approximately 200 degrees For 30 Minutes. 
Turn Off Heat. Steep For a Couple Of Hours.
 Strain and Store In a Clean Jar With a Tight Fitting Lid. 
Use As A Body Oil To Restore Moisture and Soft Supple Skin.
Pet Paw Protection
 5 oz. Calendula Oil (Liquid Measure) 
 2 TBSP Bees Wax. Or Paraffin Over Low Heat Bring Calendula Oil to 150 degrees.
 Remove from Heat Add Beeswax or Paraffin to Calendula Oil.
 Pour into Lip Balm Tins, Small Jars, Or Any Desired container.
 Cool and Cap.     

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  • I wanted to let you know.i will try the DYI because I have the stuff.But would buy it if you make it.

    Catherine on

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