Natures First Aid for Vericose Veins

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      Anna’s Secret Soothing Serum, designed with herbal extracts and essential oils, quickly conditions the skin bringing the swelling down and improving your circulation. 

     Featured in this article, Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum),  is documented as a topical, for external use on vericose veins.  Horse Chestnut was one of the classic remedies for “passive venous congestion”, William Boericke, 1927. Passive venous congestion, is sluggish and stagnant fluid which can happen in veins and arteries. This inflammatory condition causes swelling and the veins float to the surface of the skin. If this skin conditon is not corrected it can lead to serious physiological issues.  

     Anna’s Secret Soothing Serum is your first aid, an invisible band aid.  You will notice the surface of the vein is not tender to the touch and the swelling will ease. I think of Soothing Serum as more of a vapor than the herbal extracts and essential oils, that it is, because the soothing effects are achieved quickly.   

Dear Anna, 

This is a testimonial about your product “Soothing Serum”. 

I was working a job that required long hours on my feet and lifting and  

carrying. I had injured my left leg years before in a bad fall. I fell with my whole  

weight on my doubled knee tearing the meniscus and blowing out my vein in the  

leg below my knee; I then developed severe varicose veins.  

Prior to using your “Soothing Serum” product, my leg was extremely  

painful, inflamed, and swollen to my ankle. The capitularies had pulled black  

blood around my ankle. The staff was watching as the “Soothing Serum” was  

applied to my leg. To everyone’s amazement it took almost an immediate effect.  

The bulging veins began to shrink and the swelling to subside. The skin on my  

ankle began to return to a normal color.  

Having witnessed the healing properties of this product creates a desire  

within to share its healing virtue with others. 

Thank you, 

Sharon Lee 

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