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           How is your skin fairing this summer from intense summer heat?  

Use Red Raspberry Seed Oil topically to protect your skin from the suns ultra violet rays, to repair any sun damage and replenish the skin’s healthy beauty. Summer, the enticing season for outdoor activities, entertainment, and gardening. Summer days speak clearly, it’s time to retreat to a cool pool, the ambiance of the shoreline, or the serenity of the river side.  In the heat of the season do you notice your skin is beginning to dry? I get a nice tan while some burn, like the red heads in my family. What’s important for all of us in hydration, moisturizing and protection from the ultra violet rays. 

I wonder, how do plants survive the intense sunlight and look so beautiful when they flower? Hydration, yes internally and externally keeps nature vibrant and people also, but what else? Plants are loaded with layers, the outer layer is their protective layer, it holds true for flowers and fruit.  They also contain a lot of the same nutrients we contain in our skin, anti-oxidants, bio-flavanoids, protein and lipids and lipid fluid, all of which protect them from the damaging effects of ultra violet rays.  

Our skin is exposed to the same damaging sun rays but something is missing we do not store the lipids on the surface of our skin the epidermis, they stored in the dermis the underlying skin. This is why we experience sun damage, degenerative aging, dry skin. Because of free radical exposure. Skin cells start clustering from free radical damage. Let’s look at the layers of our skin structure, there are similarities between plants and people. 

The outer layer of the skin, the epidermis is the protective barrier between your body and the environment.  The skin’s operation center, the middle layer is the dermis, the home of a variety of nerves, glands, enzymes, essential proteins, blood cells, collagen and elastin.  The network of blood vessels located in the dermis supply oxygen and nutrients to your skin. 

 Plants bio-flavonoids, the colors of their leaves, flowers and fruit protect plant cells from free radical damage, drying, becoming brittle, flaking and harm to the outer layer, the sheath pigment. They have a protective sheath found in the seeds called phyto-lipid fluid, the serum, which is preserved in their seeds, it extends into the body and life cycle to sustain the longevity of the plant species, so they can reproduce year after year.  


 Why do Red Raspberries grow in parched depleted soil? Red Raspberries recondition the soil and protect the earth from erosion. Red Raspberries flourish and repair the earth's surface. They have a natural affinity to protect the skin from sunburn. We absorb the radiation from the sun turning our skin red which can burn out and destroy our skin cells. UVA and UVB the extreme rays of the sun dehydrates, destroys and ages the skin. Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a protective shield for our skin. It blocks the damaging radiation and forms a protective sheath for our skin cells which hold moisture, antioxidants and nutrients in our skin.  Think about it, how does the moisture remain in the berry without evaporating from intense sunlight. Raspberries are a cluster of embryonic seed pouches which form the fruit with numerous drupelets around a central core. The is the fruit the pouch with a protective sheath, then follows the seed. The lipid fluid and sheath are the protective barrier.  All of the protective nutrient chemicals the plant needs to survive are preserved in the seeds so they can propagate year after year.  Red Raspberry Seed Oil conditions our skin, it is very high in antioxidants which break down free radicals. It repairs the skin shaft from the damaging effects of the sun. The red bioflavonoids disrupt and weakens radiation which is stored in the skin and the fatty acids in the red bio-flavonoids dissolve the sticky clusters which free radicals adhere too, repairing the skin to its natural state and healthy beauty.                                                                                      

My fair skin friends and family, your skin will exceedingly benefit from whole plant extracts rather than isolated chemicals formulated in a lab to mimic the synergy and vitality whole plants offer. Whole Plants for Whole People is Gods perfect design for your healthy beauty. 

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