Integrative Calendula

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Have you ever wondered what the health benefits are in the colors of the food and plants we eat? Orange foods are social foods. Calendula heirloom flowers are yellow, yellow orange and orange, they are the medicinal ones. The length of our spinal cord is connected to hollow glands, similar to lymph nodes, which is known as our social network.  They store a surplus of vital nutrients our body needs. We store the orange and yellow orange bioflavonoids, they are the social network team, first respondents when our body is quickly depleted of our vital life force. This reserve of nutrients stored for emergencies in the body will respond during a catastrophic illness, sudden trauma, or acute disease.  Plants follow a signature of doctrines, which mimics a shape, pattern or action of the human body.  These petals are attached to the spine of the plant. Calendula reproduces month to month throughout the year, if they are depleted and need strength to reproduce they will bud out and refuel. In warmer climates they travel, popping up and blooming everywhere; for the benefit of man. Just like transient people, they branch out to different cultures and societies throughout the year. We can only hope people are contributing the way calendula does? 

 The way  Calendula Salve nurtures and mends wounds, is a soothing balm that has your back and will do justice and take action. It is an antiseptic a protector, it seals the wound and mends the skin. The essential oil and salicylic acid in the flowers have antimicrobial and antioxidant actions. Another constituent allantoin proliferates new skin, soothes bruises, burns, and open cuts.  

Calendula Cream and Calendula Salve, comfort and pamper babies. They both protect babies from diaper rash and mend inflammation when it is painful. You and your baby will both rest peacefully. The major difference between the two products is, Calendula Salve is more concentrated, Calendula Cream contains 50% Aloe and Virgin Coconut Oil. Aloe and Calendula contain  allantoin.  It neutralizes the acidity of urine and conditions the skin. Calendula Cream or Calendula Salve are deep moisturizers, soothing and hydrating for eczema, psoriasis, and  dry cracked skin. 


Calendual Herbal Tissane 'T"have a wide range of actions and is beneficial for chronic digestive imbalances, food intolerance and leaky gut syndrome.  This digestive disturbance escalates as the cycle continues in a symptomatic pattern. As one symptom follows the other; calendula "T" can track this chronic pattern, forward and backwards, addressing the complete digestive system. This soothing action nurtures the belly and intestines and mends the intestinal wall; just like it mends and patches the skin from  abrasion, cuts, or burns.

Calendula's, social integration with society is a gift, nothing short of God's love.  It is adaptable and can be grown throughout the whole world.  Every civilization should have calendula growing; and it should be honored for all the heroic actions and benefits it has to offer humanity. 

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