Black Elderberry Extract - Supplement a Healthy Lifestyle

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A Natural Healthy Supplement Fortified For Health & Well Being. Creation Farm Black Elderberry Extract

  Elder Trees for the berries used to make Elderberry extract grow along creek beds, rivers, lakes and swampy areas in the woods and on organic farms that simulate these conditions. Elders are heavy feeders and need lots of water. Their branches are hollow. They like sun light and grow in moist soil. Their roots spread and form a cluster of trees. The berries they bare are edible, and the fruit is used for jam and pies.
  Gardeners plant Elders along the edge of property to form a privacy hedge for a natural border fence. Their branches are hollow so they can be manipulated and trained to grow in their natural setting with an artistic design and pattern.
   Sambucus nigra, the source of Black Elderberries is a premiered tree in European folklore and well known there, in children’s fairy tales. The Black Elder grows tall and strong in Europe. They were once used to make Holy crosses.
  The old English name for Elder, aeld, and the meaning of aeld is "fire". It relates to the use of the hollow stem to blow on newly kindled fires.  Whatever the meaning behind this fiery name; in modern time, we know Elder has an affinity for putting out the fire, in fevers.

Elderberry use as a supplement deeply rooted in European Folk Lore after centuries of human observation regarding the Elderberry and Mankind.

   The doctrine of signatures, is an attraction of similar, between whole plants and whole people. A creative expression; as like is attracted to like.  The doctrine of this super natural affinity, expresses the artist and the poetic imagination. Which lives in the eye of beholder.

​ The hollow branches of the Black Elder nurtures the trees blood red berries, as our hollow veins and arteries nurtures the body as red blood flows.  The stomach absorbs and the intestines strengthen by absorbing lots of water.  The umbral, stemmed reddish black berries look like fingers and are gathered by human hands, as we are also heavy feeders desiring lots of blood red-purple berries.

 Black Elderberry Extract, traditional use for heat in the stomach and dry red skin. It opens pores and circulation, inducing sweat to remove toxins.

  Elderberries help the body perspire when the skin is red and hot.  Also, for a cold body with moderate sweating. A gentle tonic, moves slowly to improve conditions. The comforting nature of this tonic will warm you up if you feel cold and assist in lowering the body temperature by promoting perspiration.

The 100% Pure Quality of Creation Farm Elderberry products are a direct result of Intelligent farm connection, global organic sourcing, and minimal processing

Creation Farm products are 100% Pure, we do not use synthetic solvents in our processes or ingredients.

The Creation Herb Farm utilizes Organic growing principles and practices, Pesticide Free, we are Bee Friendly, and Fishing River Safe (Betsie River with Trout and Salmon).

Creation Farm
 is a well recognized line of liquid herbal extract brands within herbalist and therapist social communities.

Creation Farm is an herb company of herbalists, scientists, and farmers in Benzie County, Michigan with pristine forests and crystal-clear lakes within an incredible organic community.

Creation Farm has been cultivating and sourcing organic herbs for creating herbal remedies and skincare with environmental responsibility, precision, and respect for nature since 1978

Elderberry Supplements Naturally Support A Healthy Lifestyle

Creation Farm Black Elderberry products are all made with Great Health in Mind for You!


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