Aromatherapy Was Created For The Benefit Of Man

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The setting is the same every morning…As the sun rises, the morning dew lies tranquil in its bounty.  Vapors arise as the sunshine begins dispersing the essence of clean air, a sense of well being, tranquility and a stronger immunity. A gift of natures therapy, the first stage to a new day dawning.

The setting is the same every morning... aromatherapy lies tranquil over our body, as the sun rises so does the vapor from the morning dew. We begin to process energy. Life at its best, the weakest systems begin to strengthen, we feel healthier as we turn and face the sun. Aromatherapy, the first stage to a new day dawning.

  Even though we live in a toxic society we still have choices to make.  We have more knowledge and integrity to choose the healthiest lifestyle for our physical needs. Integral health, otherwise known as Holistic health incorporates a diagnosis of your whole being not just the symptoms you are feeling.  We need to look at every system in our body and address the weakest emotions.  Once they are nurtured and strengthened optimal health becomes reality.

The nine systems in our body can be reached with essential oil.  Essential oils are present in steam distillation, distilled oils are called volatile oil and they are very concentrated.  

One drop equals 25 tea bags.  Essential Oils are found in smaller amounts in herbal extracts, dried herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. As we approach our lives from a holistic lifestyle, we see the truth about nature integrates whole plants for whole people. We will begin to use minute amounts of essential oil for aromatherapy purposes. In the food we eat, the beverages we drink, in our cosmetics, sun screens, in the gym, in the spa, at work, home, for the love of the garden and aromatherapy purposes.

Watch this short short video to see how dramatic the effects of aromatherapy can be:

Aromatherapy will strengthen our immune system defenses against colds and flu.  Some essential oils promote the production of white blood cells they are our defense against viral and bacterial illnesses. By using essential oils daily the bactericidal properties remain in your system, giving a higher level of resistance to illness. The essential oils with the potential of protection against colds and flu are called prophylactics. Tea Tree oil, Cajeput, Lavender, Basil, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, And Rosemary have complex compounds with many benefits.

 BERGAMOT      (citrus bergamia)

Bergamot is native to tropical Asia.  Extensively cultivated in Calabria in Southern Italy and also grown commercially on the Ivory Coast.   Bergamot was featured solely in Italy, no other countries documented its use.  Respectfully, due to their recent research Italian Scientists discovered Bergamot oil is now known to have a wide spectrum of applications.  Bergamot is beneficial for the respiratory system, the mouth, and skin. Use in a diffuser, the bath, natural skin care products, and of course Earl Gray with Bergamot oil for the digestive system.

 I want to draw your attention back to the garden. Holistic health was created for man and established long before man discovered its virtue.  To this day it is still a mystery how the body knows, our DNA, is designed to function with, the DNA, of the plant kingdom. This is known as the Doctrine of Signatures.





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